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Kids Blowing Bubbles
Success Stories


Kaitlin has helped my son learn to focus better and more clearly pronounce his words. Kaitlin went above and above what was expected to make sure my son was successful. She did a great job of communicating to me exactly what was going on in therapy and why she was doing it. She also left us with exercises and homework to do on the days she wasn’t there, to make sure my son progressed quickly. I would recommend Families Matter Therapies because the therapists and staff really care about the kids and your company is more than a company. It becomes a family friendship for life that the families can always call upon even when they have moved on, and that is priceless."


Therapist Feedback:

When we first began seeing Michael, he only had an inventory of less than ten words. With Kaitlin’s help and the dedicated and determined help of his mother, Michael quickly progressed to an inventory of nearly 100 words, within six months. He had began answering yes/no questions and simple ‘what’ and ‘where’ questions. He is identifying more vocabulary and has approved his attention to task tremendously, and began having short conversations with family and friends.


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