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About FMT

Meet The Team


Annissia Davis

FMT Owner

Speech Language Pathologist

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Toni Richardson

Speech Language Pathologist

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  • Annissia Davis is a native of the bright and bustling Miami, Florida where at a very early age she was able to interact with a variety of people, which has helped her to be able to build rapport with her families currently. A bright and precocious youth, Annissia attended the School for Advanced Studies where she was able to earn an Associate's  Degree prior to graduating high school. After completing high school, Annissia went on to graduate with highest honors from the University of Florida, with both her Bachelors and Master's degree by the age of 22. During her time at the University of Florida she was able to work with Kenneth Logan, a leading professor and researcher in the field, specializing in fluency, to complete a Senior Thesis about disfluencies in hearing-impaired children. During her Master's program, Annissia worked as a Speech Assistant at a facility for adults with mental retardation, gaining invaluable experience, while maintaining a 4.0 GPA. 

  • After graduating with her Master's in 2005, Annissia went on to work in different settings including an inpatient clinic and an elementary and middle school and home health. Working for these different companies made Annissia realize there was a need to provide better services which including the family, and that companies didn't treat employees very well. With these two dissatisfactions in mind and heart, Annissia created Families Matter Therapies, LLC. (FMT), a company that she wanted to ensure utilized family education and accountability during the treatment process and valued it's therapists and treated them well. Annissia created FMT in 2007 and has been striving to provide quality services since. 

About the Owner

Our Mission

  • To provide an unparalleled level of service to children and families

  • ​To educate families on their child's condition and treatment strategies

  • ​To include families in the therapeutic process to achieve maximum patient success

  • ​To provide patients with the most functional and effective communication system available.

  • ​To collaborate with family and other professionals to optimize patient care

  • To remain up-to-date in the latest research and treatment procedures in our field

Why Choose

Families Matter Therapies


Eliminate a trip and wait time for your appointment. Your traffic and transportation hassles are over!


Excellent Support

You and your family will receive an unparalleled level of service and additional resources  from our therapists and support staff.


Better Outcomes

Children that receive therapy at home are in their natural environment and therefore are more willing to participate in therapy sessions which can lead to better outcomes.


You are taught how to monitor and report change, which helps make your child's therapy more meaningful and promotes involvement, understanding & acceptance. Parent/Caregiver education is imperative to your child's therapy success.


Therapy is performed in the privacy of your home.

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